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17th century BC Sarah traveled with her family in Israel and the Middle East. It is common practice to ride the one humped camel (dromedaries) aside. The Israeli Side Saddle Association invites riders from around the world to come ride the Abraham path.

Feeling adventurous...?

Would Sarah have been riding her camel aside in Israel ?


After Abraham's servant meets Rebecca at the well, she immediatly started her travel to Isaac.
Would Rebecca have been riding her camel aside in Israel?

Queen Of Sheba
The queen of Sheba on her way to Jerusalem to meet king Salomon. Shown riding what seems complete sideways plancette style with sword under her saddle, and lance in her hand.
Would the Queen of Sheba have been riding her horse aside in Israel?

0 BC  Maria on her flight from Bethlehem to Egypt with infant Jesus as often depictured riding aside on a gaited donkey leaded by Josef.
Would mary have been riding her donkey aside?

Getrude bell

Gertrude Bell was a daring British traveler whose pre-World War I experience in the Middle East made her a key advisor on colonial policy in that area after the war -- more influential than Lawrence of Arabia. Some credit her with drawing the borders of modern Iraq and making possible the Hashemite monarchy that ruled there until 1958.


Gertrude Bell lived in Jerusalem for several months in 1899-1900, and in the years 1905-1914 made some of the greatest journeys ever undertaken in the Middle East, through Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She started her travels on sidesaddle, but later adapted to riding astride in a split skirt.

Did Getrude Bell ride aside in Israel?


Unidentified ladies aside in Israel

Riding Party 1903, Jerusalem

Road to Emaus 1905.  Located in Israel's valley of Ayalon, is the village toward which two disciples were walking when Jesus appeared to them after the Resurrection

Approach to Kfar Saba

I have never seen an  old side saddle in Israel, where have all these side saddles gone?

And then...no more ladies aside...

1917 The battle of Beer Sheba, 40.000 men, 800 horses, no side saddles….

(In the picture Australian light horsemen rding in nort

Herzl in Tel-Aviv & Allenby in Jerusalem.
Where are the ladies?

Dimitri Kasma
1974, Greek actress, Dimitra Kasma, beautiful in a Mediterranean way, dark… she played a leading role in a film called 'Cry in the Wind' 1966. Her nick name was Dimitrashi, she was a private student of riding instructor Tony Heller. She rode side saddle on a docile horse called Molly that died in the stable of Larry Behar in Olesh. Molly came fromm Tony Heller his stable. The mares Molly and Mary were best friends and both lived to be over 32 in Olesh. Larry died in 2011 and is also buried in Olesh. Tony imported Dimitra for his action movie. She made a great impression arriving half naked in a mermaid costume or something like a fisherman's net to a pool party in Caesarea. She returned a few months later back to Greece.   
Eva Oster

She brought a Whippy Side Saddle with her from Zurich.  1981

She did a 10 day side saddle course in England at the legendary Porlock Vale riding school in Sommerset. http://www.porlockvaleridingschool.com

She did dressage competitions in side saddle, and a musical ride on Straus Music.

She imported a mare from England, called Mylady who carried the sidesaddle very well, and the Irish bred gelding Herbert she bought from Tony Heller who did not like the balance girth.

Eva selflessly shared her side saddle with other ladies,Eva's Angels: Maureen 1980,  Bertha "ninetees",  Suzanne von Dietsche 2006, Melody Anne Norris 2006, Noa Levron 2009,  Ricky 2010 and then her side saddle disappeared into obscurity


Mureen Tal
"These pictures are taken in 1980 on the farm of Bachar family in Olesh, during the yearly show jumping competition I gave a demonstration in side saddle on the horse Foxi. Foxi was owned by the Shechter family that those days had a Arabian breeding stables and an English riding school in Rishon le Zion. The sidesaddle I borrowed from Eva Oster. " Mureen Tall  )Netherlands)today she teaches therapeutic riding in Telmond  

The Israeli Side Saddle Association is founded
2010 The Israeli Side Saddle Association if founded.
There is no hunting in Israel and The Israeli Equestrian Federation does not allow side saddle in competitions, but Israel offers amazing trail riding possibilities.
There is no side saddle culture in Israel, everything needs to be reinvented and imported.  ISSA 's objection is to promote and support.

Rotem Drory
Rotem Drory (Israel), Kibutz Lahav, Purim 2011. On her Elan, on Kiuki.    
"My mom made my costume for me, and I made the horse's costume. It was a knight theme that year so all the horses had that type of costume. The horse in the picture isn't mine, it's my boss's horse. She's a bit more balanced than mine is. I keep him in Kibutz Lahav, he's both mine and my boss's, Morly Bar".

The GOSPEL Trail

Future aside:

We are currently piloting the Abraham Path.
The messiah will come out of a gate of Jerusalem, riding a donkey aside…When asked a Rabbi, if the Mesiach would ride aside or astride, the Rabbi 's answer was that all he learnt in the Talmud about equestrian laws was that a man should not ride astride...