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The Israeli Side Saddle Association

Gospal Trail


What is a pilgrimage?

 A journey to the  locations of importance to a person's beliefs and faith, to be healed or have questions answered or to achieve some other piritual benefit. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrim.

Pilgrims visit the Holy Land to touch and see physical manifestations of their faith, and connect personally to the Holy Land.

The numbers of people of all faiths making pilgrimages has continued to rise. Pilgrims are serious travelers.

What are the Gospels?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

The four Gospels, otherwise known as the "good news" recount the story of Jesus Christ. Most highlights of Jesus his  life happened on the GOSPEL trail


What sort of country will we be crossing? 

The terrain of the GOSPEL trail is a gentle flowing landscape, part wild, part cultivated. No steep climbs, no dangerous cliffs, no need for jumping.

Narrow dirt trails, no asphalt nor busy highways, no car traffic within earshot. This is the road less traveled, as the GOSPEL trail has not been discovered yet by the masses, it has not turned yet into a nasty commercial big business.

We will encounter wild herbs and trees and flowers such as mentioned in the bible. We will pass gentle streams and bath in natural springs and creeks.

This land of Galilee is not a war zone, and not an occupied territory. The locals are friendly.

What sort of horses will we be getting?

 The hirelings are from the area, they know their job.  They are mostly quarter horses, appaloosa and mixed breed local horses. They come with Western tack. Side saddles can be borrowed from the Israeli Side Saddle Association. All riders are expected to have a good level of riding, and to bring their own saddle bags, to keep at hand their own water bottle, bathing gear etc. Luggage will be transported by 4x4 and wait for you at the evening destination.


What's the food like?

Really interesting, on the GOSPELtrail we will pass Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bedouin as well as Druze communities.  We will enjoy authentic meals.  And of course we will have our "saddle-bag" lunch, a field pic–nic loaded with local delicatessen. ( vegans and vegetarians will enjoy too)

Naturally we will have plenty of Mount Tabor wine flowing freely all trail long!


What’s the weather be like?

The months of April/May and October/November are most suitable because the weather will be mild, around 25 degrees, sunny with vitually zero rain


How is the accomodation?

Dormitory tents  with shared toilets and showers keep the cost down. But there is always the option to add some money and get a private room


How much does it cost?

900  euro per person,  4 days, 3 nights, all incluse: Food, drinks, horses, saddles, French/English speaking certified guide, accomodation, .

Not inclusive your flight, your transfers, your insurance.    

 Why are you organising this?

 This pilgrimage has become The Israeli Side Saddle Association annual event, each April/May.

We are inviting riders from all over the world, to enjoy riding  together  with Israeli riders the biblical land.  You do not have to be a devoted Christian to enjoy this epic trail.

"Destination" riding is just so much more exciting than riding for just the sake of it.

The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) of Spain is very famous, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year…but in my opinion the GOSPEL trail is much more interesting, but still unknown

 The GOSPEL trail is only 65 km, you can finish it in a few days, and you still have time left to see and do other things in Israel, such as visiting Jerusalem and the Dead sea, or to go scuba diving in Eilat
How do I sign up?
Simply send us a mail with the dates you are comming.



§  Nazareth – where Jesus grew up.

§  Mt. Precipice –where the people of Nazareth tried to throw Jesus off a cliff (Luke 4:28-30).

§  Mt. Tabor – site of the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8).

§  Mash’had –city where Jonah was born.

§  Kfar Kana ( Cana) - where Jesus turned water to wine for a wedding (John 2:1-12) and where He performed a long-distance healing of the nobleman’s son in Capernaum (John 4:46-54). Hometown of Nathaniel (John 21:2).

§  Horns of Hattin – double extinct volcanic hills where Saladin defeated the Crusaders in 1187. Great view of the Sea of Galilee.

§  Nebi Shu’eib – the tomb of Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law.

§  Arbel Cliffs –caves used in the 167 BC Maccabean Revolt. They were also used by Josephus in the defense of Galilee during the 66 AD revolt against Rome.

§  Kibutz Lavi - founded 1949 by children that were part of the Kindertransport following Kristalnacht.

§  Bedouin community of Wadi Hamam

§  Magdala – hometown of Mary Magdalene.

§  Tabgha –site of the feeding of the 5,000 (John 6:1-14).

§  Mount of Beatitudes –site of the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7) where Jesus proclaimed the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).

§  Church of the Primacy of St. Peter – where Jesus ate with his disciples after His Resurrection (John 21).

§  Capernaum – base of Jesus’ ministry (Matthew 4:12-)